Our People

Our people is the most valuable for our organization

Culture and philosophy

In addition to perseverance, discipline and evolution that have accompanied us for more than 70 years, our culture and organizational values reflect what we are and also what we aspire to be, our essence and the basis of our actions in the day to day.

Our Vision


Our Mission


Our Values

We have 9 values that define our essence as company and that are consistent with our origin and dreams.

We are people

We are the most valuable of our organization.

We dream big

We are motivated to achieve our goals.

We think of ourselves as owners

We get involved in the business and we deliver results.

We grow by meritocracy

Excellence drives our growth.

We give results

We overcome ambitious challenges for a better future.

We are practical

We carry out concrete actions, being agile and adaptable.

We are authentic

We live naturally and we express ourselves with transparency and honesty.

We do not take shortcuts

We choose the right way, not the easiest one.

We live by example

We influence positively others.

Our people

Our people are the most valuable to us in our organization; therefore, we have a series of programs and areas through which we seek well-being, development and growth of our collaborators.

Value Chain

We have different profiles that from their fronts, contribute to strengthen our value chain.









Staff Advo

Staff Advo

Lala University®

It is the area in charge of generating significant training experiences aligned with the development plan of our collaborators, promoting the personal and professional growth based on 5 pillars:


We address cultural topics, code of ethics and induction, these courses are available for all members of the group, regardless of their area, level or geography.


These are the key knowledge of each area and business.


These are the specific competencies of each position, as well as the development of technical skills.

Leaders Academy:

We promote our people to achieve leadership that contribute to the achievement of objectives.

Professional Development:

We support our key collaborators with scholarships for education and learning languages, and there are agreements with several institutions for their families.

Through a wide variety of tools (online courses, one-on-one sessions, videos, podcasts, gamification, infographics, micro learning, manuals, simulators and virtual reality) we form teams with collaborative members, oriented to innovate results that add value to our company and the achievement of our objectives.

Talent Cycle

At Lala we have our own Talent Cycle to guide and accompany our people in their personal and professional development. Here we have our yearly processes aligned to culture and competences, which are intended to exponentiate the potential of our collaborators, accompanying strategy and business results.

Interns program: Despega con Lala

We believe in Young Talent through our annual program "Despega con Lala" created for young people looking for one of their first work experiences, with a comprehensive training plan and active participation in strategic, sustainable and high-impact projects that contribute to their personal and professional development.

Our star program for high potential students allows us to continue with the firm purpose of empowering the talent of the new generations and generating a seedbed for our organization.

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Interns program: Despega con Lala

Highlights Despega con Lala

We invite you to Dream Big by consulting our active program.

6 Generations since 2016

+15,000 registered

+170 selected

51% women

49% men

Code of ethics

Our code of ethics is the guise that gives us certainly about our rights and obligations as members of the company, is the document that guides our behavior and help us take decisions as members of the Lala Group.

Adherence and observance of the code of ethics applies to all the people who collaborate in the company, as well as our interest groups.

If you have any questions regarding our code of ethics, send an email to: comite.etica@grupolala.com

See code of ethics

Any breach of our code of ethics, you must report it through any of these three lines:

The report line is administrated by an external entity that guarantees anonymity.

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LALA® offers opportunities that will expand your skills, it will enhance your individual characteristics within an atmosphere that foment both personal and professional grow. Requires energy to think as an owner, grow through meritocracy and inspire everyone around us.

LALA® is made up of authentic people, creating value through their work. Here you will meet people who dream big achieving the imaginable.

We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits and a positive working environment that supports the philosophy of respect and the challenge of contributing to the continuous success of our organization.

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