Social Initiatives

Lala Institute ®

It is the organ of Lala Group that works in favor of food and nutrition of Mexicans. Its mission is to spread the knowledge of nutrition and provide food guidance with a focus on protein contributions in the development, growth and maintenance of a proper health condition.

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Lala foundation ®

We are the pillar of Lala´s Group social commitment. Through our foundation we contribute to feeding, education and health especially of Mexican childhood. Every day we work for the well-being of the local communities.

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Lala Marathon®

It is held every year since 1989, it goes through the main street of the metropolitan area of La Laguna. Rated as one of the fastest of the world, our marathon is appreciated for its plane journey, security measures, hydration to competitors, medical stations, chip technology with immediate results, but especially the warm and enthusiasm of thousands of families and local cheering.

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Diversity and inclusion

People are the heart of Lala’s culture; it is the most valuable thing we have. Diversity and inclusion allow each person in Lala to be authentic, live naturally and to express with transparency. In Lala we have a Model of Diversity and Inclusion which through its three axes: Equality of Opportunities, Equal Conditions and Equal Treatment; we seek to build and inclusive environment, egalitarian, non-sexist and free from violence that always allows the free exercise of respect to Human Rights.

Lala volunteering

It is a living expression of the Social Responsibility of our company. Through programs such as Good Neighbor and Foundation Route we direct and promote that people in Lala, their families and friends share time, energy, resources and knowledge for the benefit of the community, partner institutions and the environment.

COVID-19 Contingency

During the health contingency for the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented an Emergency Committee in each region where we operate, whose responsibility is to coordinate contingency plans that allow us to safeguard the health of our staff, anticipate potential challenges, align each business to the regulatory measures of each country and guarantee the continuity of our business.

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Health and security of personnel

The well-being of our staff is essential for us; therefore, our policy and the Zero Risk Model are based on the identification of hazards, risk evaluation and control assignment. In addition, we have an internal plan of health care, early identification of diseases and their prevention for our people.

Young Talent

We recognize the importance of providing development opportunities to young people, that is why we have the integral training program: Take off with Lala!, designed to attract outstanding young people and generate important learning experiences that add value to their careers. Also, we collaborate with the Mexican Federal Government and state authorities through the program “Youth Building the Future”, initiative to invite young people in the economic and labor activity of the country.